Buzzfeed kpop quiz blackpink

Skip to main content. Let's go! What's your favourite hobby? Taking lots of awesome pictures. Image by blackpinkofficial Instagram. How would your friends describe you?

The life of the party. Funny and silly, always laughing! Loyal and a great listener. Pick your birthday month. September, October or November. December, January or February. March, April or May. June, July or August. There's a school talent show, how quickly do you sign up?

Are You Actually A BlackPink Fan?

As soon as I can! Sounds fun, I'll sign up when I can. My friends signed me up but I'm looking forward to it. I've been waiting since last year's talent show! What's your favourite colour? What's your snack of choice?

French Fries. Ice cream! Do you like shopping for new clothes? Not at all! Love it! I like finding clothes that are my own unique style. I'll wear whatever! Which instrument would you like to play? Who's your favourite K-pop group or singer?Let's kill this quiz! Jisoo was born on January 3rd,making her the oldest member at 24 years old! Lisa was born on March 27th, making her the maknae of the group at 22 years old! Jennie's solo song "Solo" debuted on November 12th, She is the first and only girl in the group to have a solo out, but Rose's solo should be coming soon!

Lisa wasn't always her name. Her full name was Prapinya Manoban before she had it legally changed to Lalisa Manoban. Jennie dated Kai from the popular group EXO earlier this year. Jisoo is the designated visual, but all four of them are visuals on their own! None of the above. This post was created by a member of the BuzzFeed Community. You can join and make your own posts and quizzes. Posted on July 25,GMT. Community Contributor.

buzzfeed kpop quiz blackpink

Who is the oldest member? Who is the youngest? Who has gone solo? When did BlackPink debut? Whose real name is Park Chaeyoung? Who has the nickname "PokPak"? Who previously dated EXO's Kai? Who is the designated visual? Which song came out first? How many comebacks do they usually have a year? Create your own post!These drinks don't lie!

Who Wins?! Most Knowledgeable Blackpink Member? - BLACKPINK FUNNY MOMENTS

Are you mango or milk tea? Rest assured; Blackpink will be in your area. Jisoo, is that you? Don't mind us, we're just fueling your K-pop addiction further. Yeri is in which group again? I'm the Bad Guy Who doesn't love these maknaes? Are you a part of the '97 liners group chat? Jisoo is so hot pink! Ride that K-pop wave all the way to a perfect score! Or not, we shall see. Will you be feeling special? What's in a name? You're so "Playing With Fire. Are you just like Hwasa and Lisa? A year that blessed us with many bops!

Who's your ultimate bias? We asked, and you brought the bops! Are your opinions popular or just controversial? Did your faves make the list? Get your headphones ready! Let the wars begin! We're going deeper than title tracks here! Make sure to bring your K-Pop playlist with you! Blackpink in your area? Sweeter than sweet. Chocolate cheeks and chocolate wings.Are you ready for your whole word to change?

Yes please! What's in a name? Are you most like Wooyoung and Hyunjin? You're so Miroh! These drinks don't lie! Goodbye, au revoir, adios, because I wannabe me! Answer as many questions as you like and keep coming back for more!

Are you cool like Wonwoo or warm like DK? Who is your 1 of 1? Food and K-Pop! What's not to love? While you're chilling on the beach, but 2NE1 says come back home Are you more like Taeyeon or Chungha? Aren't you curious? Would you rather Are you mango or milk tea? Rest assured; Blackpink will be in your area. Lia, is that you? Watermelon Suga high! You are so "Kick It. Is your favorite flavor of ice cream chocolate chip Kookie?

These Five Questions Will Reveal Which Blackpink Member You Are

Take our trivia quiz along with K-pop's hit band! These are tough! Jisoo, is that you? Are you a main vocal or the maknae? Don't mind us, we're just fueling your K-pop addiction further. Let's write some fic! Yeri is in which group again? Sometimes you gotta be bold, just rock the world! You are so "Ugh! Deep in my soul! I'm the Bad GuyWhich of these qualities can you relate to the most?

Observational, reserved, and affectionate. Quiet, aloof, and thoughtful. Unique, spontaneous, and laid back. Curious, humorous, and friendly. Talkative, outgoing, and charismatic. Emotional, dreamy, and empathetic. Wild, cheerful, and lighthearted.

Down-to-earth, bubbly, and colorful. If you were in a group, which part would you play? The Singer.

Which Blackpink Member Are You Based On Your K-Pop Choices?

The Dancer. The Visual. The Rapper. What's your favorite style? Who are you in your friend group? The charming one. The drama queen.

The happy-go-lucky one. The mom friend. The wild card. The advocate. The quiet one. The jokester. Favorite color?

Royal colors like blue or purple. Neutral colors like black or white. Pastel colors. Bold rainbow colors like yellow, green, or magenta.

buzzfeed kpop quiz blackpink

Pinks, reds, or purples. Would you consider yourself to be more responsible or fun? More responsible and careful. More fun and carefree.CLC's Yeeun. G-Idle's Soyeon. Somi formerly of I. DIA's Chaeyeon.

Dreamcatcher's JiU. Red Velvet's Joy. EXID's Hyelin. Gfriend's Eunha. Girls' Generation's Sooyoung. Hyolyn formerly of Sistar. G-Idle's Yuqi. Apink's Eunji. Bolbbalgan4's Jiyoung. AOA's Seohyun. Pristin's Nayoung.

Apink's Bomi. D's Somin. G-Idle's Soojin. Red Velvet's Yeri. Girl's Day's Yura. Momoland's JooE. Suzy formerly of Miss A. Girls' Generation's Seohyun. Twice's Chaeyoung. Red Velvet's Wendy. Blackpink's Lisa. Mamamoo's Wheein.More quiz : Kpop Quiz. So Play this BlackPink quiz and share it with your friends. Play again. Because no one calls me pretty. XD I always thought of myself as ugly. But I can say that im not bragging I look better than my friend who has red pimples XD.

Sorry my friend. But I just had to express it. Your email address will not be published. Username or Email Address.

buzzfeed kpop quiz blackpink

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